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Greg Judy - The Regenerative Rancher Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture - Powerflex

Greg Judy - The Regenerative Rancher Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture

Partner Spotnight: Greg Judy

In the world of agriculture, a new movement is gaining momentum - regenerative farming. At Powerflex we are focused on catering to this movement, and at the forefront of this movement is Greg Judy, an innovative farmer who has not only transformed his own land but also inspired countless others to follow in his footsteps. Through his regenerative ranching practices,Greg Judy is proving that it is possible to restore the health of our soil, improve animal welfare, and even combat climate change, one farm at a time. Powerflex Fence is pleased to announce a flagship partnership with Greg Judy, where we will extending discounts to his audience, gathering feedback on product development, and working hand in hand with him to elevate regenerative ranching education. If you are unfamiliar with Greg Judy, this post is a quick overview of who he is and the value he brings to regenerative ranching. 

Greg Judy describing his regenerative ranching  practices on his Youtube Channel

We refuse to buy nitrogen because it kills the active microbes in our soil and leaves the pocket book empty. - Greg Judy


Born and raised in Missouri, Greg Judy had always been surrounded by agriculture. However, it wasn't until later in his life that he started questioning the traditional farming practices he had grown up with. Frustrated with the declining fertility of his own land and the negative impact conventional farming had on the environment, he embarked on a quest to find a better way.

After extensive research and experimentation, Judy came across the concept of regenerative agriculture. This approach emphasizes the importance of building healthy soil by mimicking nature's own processes. Instead of relying on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, regenerative farmers focus on enhancing biodiversity, capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and replenishing the organic matter in the soil. Greg regularly uses Powerflex products, particularly our mixed metal polybraid products, O'Brien step in products, geared reel products, and watering products. Greg regularly discusses the benefits of these products on his Youtube channel. Greg also has some of his own products. Particularly popular is the Greg Judy bale unroller.

One of the key components of Greg Judy's ranching system is holistic planned grazing. Unlike conventional grazing methods, where animals are confined to small spaces or rotated haphazardly, Judy's approach involves carefully managing the movement of livestock. By mimicking the behavior of wild herds, he ensures that the animals have access to fresh forage, while avoiding overgrazing and soil degradation.

Through this intensive rotational grazing system pioneered on his farm called Green Pastures Farm, Judy has witnessed remarkable transformations. Barren lands have turned into lush pastures, the soil has become rich with organic matter, and the diversity of plant and animal life has increased significantly. What's more impressive is that these improvements have been achieved without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, saving Judy both money and the environment. 

Greg Judy has also created a strong educational presence in the rotational grazing space, with a prominent Youtube channel that helps educate graziers across the country and around the world. You can view the Greg Judy Youtube channel here.

I am convinced that in the USA our pastures are one of our most underutilized natural resources. 

-Greg Judy

Greg Judy's success hasn't gone unnoticed. Outside of Youtube, Greg has also published a variety of well known books focused on the management intensive grazing/regenerative ranching category. He also regularly speaks at conferences, seminars, and educational events all over the country. He is now considered as a leader in the regenerative agriculture movement, and his knowledge and experiences are sought after by farmers, ranchers, and even policymakers across the country. Through his consulting work and educational programs, he has managed to inspire and guide countless others on their journey towards sustainable farming.

Apart from the environmental benefits, Greg Judy's regenerative ranching practices also have socioeconomic advantages. By adopting these approaches, farmers can reduce their reliance on costly inputs, improve the resilience of their operations, and even create new revenue streams through ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration or wildlife conservation. The regenerative agriculture movement offers a promising alternative for farmers and ranchers struggling with shrinking profits and increasing environmental pressures.
While regenerative farming is gaining recognition, it still faces challenges and resistance from conventional sectors of the industry. The focus on short-term gains, the fear of change, and skepticism towards unfamiliar methods hold back the widespread adoption of regenerative practices. However, pioneers like Greg Judy are pushing boundaries, showing the world that regenerative agriculture is not just a fad but a viable and necessary solution for the future of our food system.

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Greg Judy and his wife at their regenerative  ranch


In conclusion, Greg Judy stands out as a remarkable figure in the world of regenerative farming. Through his own journey of exploration and experimentation, he has demonstrated that it is possible to restore the health of our soil and create thriving ecosystems while also ensuring the economic viability of farming operations. With his educational work and tireless advocacy, the Greg Judy farm, known as Green Pastures Farm, continues to inspire a new generation of farmers to embrace regenerative agriculture and build a future where our food system is not only sustainable but regenerative.

Here are some Powerflex products that Greg Judy uses frequently and discusses frequently on the Greg Judy Youtube channel. But also be sure to check out the Greg Judy bale unroller, which is touted by many ranchers as an excellent tool.

powerflex Products used by greg judy

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