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Philmac Couplings are used when attaching HDPE pipe to HDPE pipe. Reducing couplings are used when you are going from one size HDPE to another size of HDPE. 

  • There are 2 types of HDPE pipe. Inside control diameter (ASTM D2239) and Outside control diameter (ASTM D-3035).
  • We only supply Outside Control Diameter HDPE Pipe. 
  • Philmac fittings we carry are made for the outside control diameter pipe.
  • Rated to 230psi: 3G compression fittings are pressure rated to 230 psi to meet the need of the high pressure systems.
  • 50 Year+ Design Life: Built to withstand the toughest conditions to ensure longevity and durability, 3G compression fittings have a 50 year+ design life

    • HIGH PERFORMANCE Made from advanced thermoplastic materials: 3G ID Series compression fittings are manufactured from lightweight high performance thermoplastic materials which, unlike metal fittings, resist corrosion, therefore significantly minimizing maintenance, repairs, and long-term costs. The materials are non-toxic and taint-free and also offer outstanding impact, UV, and chemical resistance.

      ***We can Special Order the CTS-OD and the IPS-ID fittings but you must call those orders in as they are a Special Order and there are no returns on those items. ***