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Insulated Wire/Underground Cable

Insulated Wire, or Underground Cable, is a product that is used often when building electric hi-tensile fence systems.  We recommend using the cable for your connections and your grounding system. It works well under gateways. It can and should be used for your lead out wires and jumpers.

Insulated wire, also called underground cable is generally class III coated wire inside insulated sleeves or jackets. They are very tough and come in both single wall and double wall configurations.

When going underground we highly recommend that you install the wire inside a conduit of some type. This allows for added protection, plus will aid you down the road should there be a problem in this area. If it is inside a conduit, then it could be easily removed while pulling through another wire. For conduit you can use either PVC tubing or Black HDPE pipe.  The ends should be closed off so that water does not get in and fill the conduit. We prefer the HDPE pipe, as it is so easy to install. You can run it up your gate posts, then bend downward, thus sealing it off. If you decide to direct bury the underground cable, (without conduit) then we recommend that you use the Double Wall Insulated Cable.