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Service for your Energizer

Service for your Energizer

The energizers that we offer come with either a 2 year warranty, including damage from lightning. If you bought it from us and its under warranty, we ask that you call us before sending it in. We may direct you to send it directly to the manufacturers service center.

For other energizer problems, please call us first. We may be able to talk about the problem and resolve it over the phone. Most electric units have at least two fuses in them. One for the fence side and one on the power side. Sometimes the power side fuse is accessible from the outside, and other times its inside the box.  The fence side or output side fuse is normally inside the cover. You can usually remove the cover and check the fuses. Hopefully the fuse has done its job and merely needs replaced. Always re-install the same size fuse. By putting in a larger amp fuse you could cause damage to the circuit boards in the future.

Note: Some energizer cases have tamper-proof screws and you may need a special screw tip to access it. If this is the case, send it in to us. Caution is required when opening the service box. The capacitors may be holding a charge and should be discharged before working on them.

Here is a checklist to do before sending your energizer back in for repair.

  • For Battery units, please check your battery to make sure that your battery is not bad and causing the problems.
  • Check for blown fuses
  • Always check your grounding system, looking for bad or loose ground rod clamps, etc.
  • Make sure that you have power to the outlet that your energizer is plugged into.
  • Read your owners manual for help.

Most modern energizers have modular circuitry and circuit boards can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new energizer. And as always, please feel free to call us on the phone at 417-741-1230.