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Special Course Offering

We are pleased to partner with Stockman Grassfarmer to offer you special courses and subscriptions for your grazing education!

Multi-species Grazing School with Greg Judy. Early Bird Special!

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Bonus #1: SGF's Greatest Hits Vol 1 ($72 value)

Bonus #2: Special Reports Bundle ($60 value)

Bonus #3: Grazing Bites ($20 value)


One Year Subscription to PastureMap Starter Plan ($200 value)

Save $400 by buying this course now! Click here to view & purchase.

In the two day school, we cover:

Day 1

  • The Pros and Cons of Multi-species Grazing (1:27:50)
  • Optimizing Daily Animal Performance with Multi-species on Pasture (1:23:12)
  • Selecting and Developing A Low Maintenance Easy Keeping Seedstock for Grazing (1:47:08)
  • Securing and Developing Leased Land for Multi-species Grazing (1:13:12)

Day 2

  • Water, Fencing, and Handling Facilities Part 1 (1:12:12)
  • Water, Fencing, and Handling Facilities Part 2 (45:13)
  • Selecting and Training the Proper Guardian Animal (that Fits You and Your Farm) (1:10:36)
  • Embracing Nature-The Key To Building A Healthy, Profitable, Multi-species Farm (1:45:40)
  • Developing Grass Savannah With Livestock To Increase Profit (37:51)

Greg Judy will explain how to: 

-Give your customers more product options. Load your wagon to become their one-stop shop for grassfed products. 

-Work with Nature to beautify your landscape while sanitizing pastures and building soil. 

-Increase your bottom line. Switch focus when one market is high and another low. 

-Select and develop adaptable low-maintenance, easy-keeping seedstock for multi-species operations. 

-Create low cost water systems, fencing and low-maintenance handling facilities. 

-Select and train the proper guardian animal to fit your farm needs. 

-Put it all together using multiple grazing methods - leader-follower, one mob, strip grazing, rest periods and graze-to-trample ratios.

-Getting started with silvopasture. 

Save $400 by buying this course now! Click here to view & purchase.