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Tools for High Tensile

Although you may already have most of the hand tools that are required for working with hi-tensile wire, there are a few items that will behoove you to own.

Wire Cutters: Hi-tensile wire is harder to cut than conventional soft wire such as barbed wire or soft woven wire. You will notice that a standard pair of side cutters will wear you out and not cut as well as you would like. It can actually be pretty fatiguing to operate without a good pair of cutters. Powerflex Fence handles a variety of good quality Knipex cutters and tools. You can view them in the Fence Tools section of our products section of this website.

Crimp Tools: Crimp tools come in all shapes, sizes and quality. They will also come with from 1 to 4 different slots to fit various sizes of crimp sleeves for different sizes of wire. We would suggest that you decide what sizes of crimp sleeves you will be using and then buy the appropriate tool for the job – that has the right slots in it. 

Combination Tools: Some Crimp tools will also do a variety of jobs, such as pulling staples, stripping underground cable or coated wire products. Some will cut hi-tensile wire and some will also have multiple slots for crimping. The New Zealand made Hayes Tools are of superior quality and work extremely well. There are some more economical "knock offs" coming into the market place. Some are of good value for the money.

Hand Tools: Most of the other hand tools that you will use when working with hi-tensile wire fencing are items you probably already have. Many people seem to have similar tools, but there is also some variety with regard to "different strokes for different folks". Some of the basics include: The above wire cutters and crimp tools, channel locks, 8" crescent wrench, 16 Oz hammer, 2# hammer, cordless drill / driver, screwdrivers, chisels, and an assortment of wrenches and maybe some sockets. Other handy items are a hand saw that cuts on the backstroke and a pair of pruning shears for cutting plastics as well as annoying limbs or brush. This assortment will get most of your electric fencing products installed.

Wire Stretchers: Stretchers are not something that you absolutely need for hi-tensile smooth wire. However, there are times that they are nice to have on hand. Generally you tension your wire with benefit of a tensioner which will stay on the wire. If you do use a wire stretcher, use one with wire grabs that is made for smooth wire so that it doesn't damage the coating on the class III wire. These units have a claw system that walks a chain. They are hard to get used to, but do a great job.

Tools for Woven Wire: With hi-tensile woven wire there are a few more items that will make your fence work easier. One is the use of a Boundary Clamp Bar, to attach to the woven wire allowing you to tension 2 pieces together with a crimp. The wire is laid on the bar and restrained with a series of wedges. The other is a Wire Grab Stretcher with a long chain lead. The bars have hooks in them to allow bringing the two together. Another tool item for woven wire is a good wire cutter that will cut all the way to the tip. You will need these to strip off vertical stays for making your connections at the ends.